Acroama is

an elite team of specialized architects and solution engineers, with decades of senior-level experience at global tech leaders such as IBM, HP and Oracle.

The Acroama team are business-minded experts, who excel at leveraging their world-class expertise to provide affordable and timely IT services, integration and support to SMEs.

We get you up to speed and keep you there.

Remote Business Management

  • Multi-site office business management
  • Remote office management for all key business functions
  • Virtual meetings and conferencing
  • Multi-location project collaboration
  • Dedicated VPN
  • Private Cyber-secure Cloud

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Data Security and Protection Solutions

  • Business data security audit
  • Secure remote-site data backup
  • Robust data availability
  • 24/7 real-time contiguous instantaneous backups
  • Risk and Security Service

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Acroamax System

  • Extremely robust SME business server infrastructure
  • Ensures a reliable quality system for the needs of the SME
  • Our world class technical skill configures the specific high quality performance system to the exact SME’s requirement
  • Our system are planning for SME’s future growth and expansion
  • Delivers a cost effective high performance system for the SME client

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